About Us

PT. Tayoh Sarana Sukses was established in November 1997 in Bekasi, Indonesia. In the beginning, the main focus of our business was to serve the Indonesian telecommunication market and so, with the continuous growth that the industry has shown, it inspires us to pursue into this field even further.

We started our business at an office area of 360m2 and this is where we began our journey as a distinguished distributor for world known telecommunication equipment and accessories. Several years into our journey, we were able to successfully penetrate the Telecommunication industry and were granted with the certification of ISO 9001:2015 for the International ISO certification company. Furthermore, this certification has allowed us to be a trusted authorized distributor of various international brand such as King Signal and JSKK-China.

After the success in the Telecommunication industry, we decided to expand our business in 2010 into the Plastic Injection Industry. The decision on this infiltration was due to the fast growing and unlimited needs that this industry had and so, we believed that we will be able to reach a triumphant future both locally and globally.

With the expansion that we had, we were able to locate to two areas of work in the Bekasi region and we hope for a continuous success and development in both Telecommunication and Plastic Injection industry in Indonesia and the world.


Since 1997

PT. Tayoh Sarana Sukses was established in November 1997 in Bekasi, Indonesia.


With a solid team work, compassion and caring nature for people and the environment. Our solid networking and ability to maintain great valuable relations, and a sense of urgency to serve our clients, we strive to be the humble yet best trading company for Telecommunication and Plastic Injection Industry both in Indonesia and the world.


As a solid team, with our strong commitment and punctuality to our clients, we strive to supply our product, service and knowledge to the highest standard of quality and on time delivery at the most competitive price.

PT. Tayoh Sarana Sukses guarantee and ensure that our quality standard meets your important need. Our quality system guarantees you the perfection of every product and services we supply and produce: 

  • Customer Satisfactory Development
  • Best Quality Maintenance- Human Resource Development
  • Health & Safety Priority Working Environment
  • The Quality Management System to the standard of ISO 9001:2015