Our company started its journey in the year 1997, with the hope of becoming one of Indonesia’s trusted distributor for material installation for BTS tower Telecom.

Several years into the industry, we were able to gain the trust of world-known telecommunication material supplier such as King Signal and JSKK-China. Furthermore, the success that we had was deepen as we were granted with the ISO certification of 9001:2015.

Through these accomplishments, we are proud to call ourselves one of Indonesia’s trusted distributor in the telecommunication industry and to provide our service, knowledge and skills to our customers.

Our Product

We currently supply various product for Macro Based Station

Product Solution for BTS Station

Transmission Line

A. RF Jumper

B. RF Connector

E. Feeder

F. Surge Arrester


D. Feeder Clamp

Product Solution for Hybrid Station

Transmission Line


B. Hybrid Cable


C. Hybrid Clamp

Product Solution for Distributed Station

Transmission Line

A. AISG Jumper

B. RF Jumper

E. Optic Jumper

F. DC Power Cable


C. Power Cable Grounding Kit

D. Power Optic Clamp

We also provide other product specification such as optical modules

Transmission rate

SFP: 1.25 / 2.5 / 4.25 Gb/s;
SFP+: 10 / 14 / 25 Gb/s;
QSFP: 40 / 56 / 100 Gb/s
. Applicable to complex electromagnetic environment

Frequency Range

Cat5E: 100 MHz; Cat6A; 550 MHz;
. Product coverage of the mainstream Small Cell routing requirements

Inner and Outer Contact Attachment

Compression Splice
. High reliability

Shielding Shells

Cu, Nickel Plating
. Better electromagnetic shielding

Fire requirement

UL 1666 CMR
. Safety